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Do you struggle to keep up with the latest coaching techniques and leadership strategies in the digital age? Missing out on game-changing insights could be holding you back from reaching your full potential as an athlete or coach. This knowledge gap might lead to stagnation in performance and a lack of competitive advantage.

We live in a digital age and if you want to educate your athletes off the field, it helps to have a well-organized, engaging curriculum that can be accessed via a click of a button.  Our “Training On-Demand”© Leadership Development and Warrior Athlete Programs are designed as short digital lessons that coaches can show in large or position team meetings to increase the leadership capacity of their athletes and, ultimately, create a culture of leadership excellence.

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Coaches are asked to wear a thousand hats—teacher, facilitator, organizer, mentor, and leader.  Let us lighten the burden so you can focus on player skills and team strategy and we will bring the expertise in Leadership Development research and practice that will enhance the Xs and Os. 

Our curriculum is designed by Dr. Jason Winkle, a Ph.D. in Education Leadership, professor, former coach, and sought-after trainer for athletic, military, and corporate teams. 

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Standards drive behaviors and behaviors play a critical role in our successes or failures. At Athletes On Point, we don’t believe excellence happens by mistake.  Peak Performance is rooted in self-discipline.  Our programs stress the personal and collective ownership of excellence in building a high-performing team

Our digital leadership resources will equip YOU with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the modern sports landscape!

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